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Solar Installation

Providing Everything You Need


Why Go Solar?

  • Savings & Government Incentives

    • Highest FiT in Asia

    • Passive Income until 2033

    • Protection against rising energy prices

    • Quick payback period

    • Increase property valuation

  • Technological Innovations using the best equipment

    • Quick installation period

    • Full warranty services upon requests

  • Environmental Impact

  • Minimize Carbon Output

What's the 

  1. Preliminary Assessment & Consultation 

  2. PV Solar System Design

  3. Verification of Permits

  4. Installation of Solar PV System

  5. Testing & Commissioning

  6. Grid Connection

  7. Operations, Maintenance, & Optimization

  • Hassle-Free Permit Verification:

    • HKE/CLP Approval

    • EMSD System Registration

    • CLP Testing & Commission Report

    • Land Department/Building Department Registration

Where to install

Solar Panels


Household Village Houses (NTEH)


Commercial or Industrial Premise

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Residential Space

(Houses, etc)


Idle Land

Brands & Products

Backed by 40 years

of Experience

German company with most of manufacturing in Germany

Guarantees maximum & sustainable efficiency

Proven long-lasting reliability

Offers devices for any application


Backed by 25 years

of Experience

Founded in Norway; Manufactured in Singapore

Proven Sustainable Production

Quality beyond Expectations

Peace of mind guaranteed  with 25-year product warranty

REC Panels.png

Plans & Services

Direct Purchase

Direct payment

•Direct payment to HY for installation, verification and testing

•FiT payments immediately after installation with quick payback period

•Payment can be made by credit card, please check with the staff for details

Installment Payments

Monthly payment

•Financing option to fund direct purchase (requires financial loan)

•FiT payments immediately after installation to cover loan repayments

•Reduce initial investments to maximize cash flows

Profit Sharing

Guaranteed monthly payment

•HY will install the PV system for free

HY will share the FiT income with client until 2033

•HY will provide Maintenance service until 2033

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