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Operation & Maintenance

Hassle-Free Comprehensive Turnkey Solution

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All projects are covered by our O&M package to ensure PV System operates at optimal level

  • Full 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring System using proprietary operating system for Performance Benchmarking

  • Automatic Detection of Non-conformities and Red-flagging potential risks and hazard

  • Registered Electrician available for defect rectification

After DLP? Ho Ying Engineering can continue to provide
O&M via annual subscription services:

  1. Corrective Based Maintenance
    Gold Plan ($0.3/Wp DC)

  2. Full Coverage (Corrective & Preventive Based Maintenance) Diamond Plan ($0.6/Wp DC)

Preventive Maintenance

Warranty Service 保養服務
Green 綠色計劃
Gold 金色計劃
Diamond 鑽石計劃
Period 年期
太陽能板檢查 Panel Inspection (Visual & Connection)
每年 Annual
電力功能檢查(電壓、功率、頻率) Electrical Function Check & Reporting (Voltage, Power, Frequency)
每年 Annual
逆變器系統檢查(冷卻系統、硬件和軟件更新) Inverter System Inspection (Cooling System and Hardware & Software Update
每年 Annual
電路檢查(隔離變壓器、面板盒/連接盒、連接/接線、隔離和故障警報檢查) Electric Circuit Inspection (Isolation Transformer, Panel Box/Junction Box, Connection/Wiring, Isolation & Failure Response Checkup)
每年 Annual
診斷測試 (IR、高阻計、IV) Diagnostic Testing (IR, Megohmmeter, IV)
每年 Annual
Preventive Maintenane

Corrective Maintenance

保養服務 Warranty Service
綠色計劃 Green
金色計劃 Gold
鑽石計劃 Diamond
系統診斷 System Diagnosis
重啟系統 System Restart/Restore
硬件保修 (連人工) Hardware Replacement (including labor)
逆變器 · Inverter
太陽能系統電力線路 · Electric Circuit
直流電箱 · Combiner Box
變壓器 · Transformer
太陽能板 · PV Panels
電子零件 (保險絲, 斷路器等) · Consumables
磨损更换(免费保修后) Wear and Tear Replacement (After Free Warranty)
故障警報 Malfunction Alert
故障識別及分析 Defect Identification and Analysis
異常情況糾正措施 Corrective Action for Anomalies
Corrective Maintenance

System Monitoring & Optimization

保養服務 Warranty Service
綠色計劃 Green
金色計劃 Gold
鑽石計劃 Diamond
年期 Period
系統協調與預測 System Reconciliation and Forecast
每年 Anuual
數據分析 Data Analytics
每年 Anuual
性能監控 Performance Monitoring
實時 Real-time
系統安全/監控固件更新 Sytem Security/Monitoring System Firmware Updates
每年 Anuual
太陽能系統優化 Panel Optimization
每年 Anuual
太陽能板清潔 Solar Panel Cleaning
每半年 Biannually
System Optimization
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