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Generate Passive Income from Solar Energy

The Best Solar Panel Installation Service in Hong Kong
Install a Solar PV System with Zero Downpayment

Why Ho Ying?

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Efficient Solar Panels for Faster ROI

We use the most efficient components to ensure your system is optimized to produce the highest financial return.


Backed by 30 years of Experience

We can provide expert advice for future system owners to meet their needs and implement it anywhere.

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Professional Service for Solar Panel Installation

From assessment, design, installation, grid connection to sales support and maintenance. We provide customized solar power solutions to fit your own needs.

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Why Go Solar

with Ho Ying?

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Earn from Government Incentives & Reduced Bills

  • Passive Income until 2033 from FiT Program

  • Increase in Property Valuation

  • Payback in 4 years*
    *Results vary on a case-to-case basis

  • Top Technology for a faster ROI

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Hassle-free Installation

and Customer Support

  • End-to-end Service for Solar Panel Installation

  • System Design and Implementation

  • Fulfill all Permitting Requirements

  • Prompt Customer Support through an exclusive Account Manager


Solutions for a

Sustainable Future

  • Protection against Rising Energy Prices

  • Lessen your Carbon Footprint

  • Clean electric energy from the Sun

  • Achieve net zero-carbon emissions

Top Quality and Guaranteed Reliability for 25 Years – REC

Proven Brand that Guarantees Top Efficiency - SMA

Use REC panels and SMA inverters to get the best return!

Our Projects

Household-Village House | Tai Po | 7.935kW | $45,000 Annual Rebate
住宅 - 村屋 | 元朗 | 8.51千瓦 |  $49,000 年度收益
住宅大廈 | 紅磡 | 25千瓦 | $120,000 年度收益
住宅 - 村屋 | 西貢 | 8千瓦 | $45,000 年度收益
住宅-村屋 | 元朗 | 5.46千瓦 | $36,000 年度收益
住宅-村屋 | 西貢 | 8.8千瓦 | $48,000 年度收益

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